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Architects’ special requests

We both share a simple goal: to evoke admiration with everything we do. Let`s make the world more beautiful together.

At Pirnar, everything we do is designed to arouse admiration – top technical development, acclaimed designs, superb handcrafting and systematic approach to production, sales and transportation.

We can thus support you by offering you the most innovative, internationally acclaimed, impeccably designed and uncompromisingly manufactured front doors to be found on the European market.

The first impression of exceptional dimensions

Pirnar front doors provide an excellent first impression of the building. In your hands they can be transformed into impressive portals of exceptional dimensions. They can be customised as required and manufactured in exceptional dimensions. A single door sash can be up to 3000 mm high and up to 1300 mm wide, and the largest combined dimension can be 2800 mm x 3500 mm.


  • Marchegg, Austria
  • St. Holon, Israel
  • St. Holon, Israel

Dazzling global innovations

No European manufacturer can boast as many front door-related innovations as Pirnar. The major global innovation this year is the most personalised door entrance in the world: the first door to feature an automated pull-out and pull-in handle, which only responds to the owner. Check out this and other technological achievements from PIRNAR.


  • Cornwall, UK
  • Kirheim, Germany
  • Eupen, Belgium
  • California, USA
  • New Jersey, USA
  • Vienna, Austria

The most prestigious awards

Not only have Pirnar door entrances proven themselves on the most demanding global markets, they have also been regular recipients of the most prestigious awards, such as 2017 German Design Award Winner.

GDA 2017 Winner GDA 2017 Special mention GDA 2015 Special mention DOS A+Award DOS

customised Pirnar Door Entry

Pirnar front doors are furnished with a laser engraved panel serving as a certificate of origin. The panel is only visible once the door is open, and the owner therefore sees it on a daily basis. The panel can also include your chosen message or inscription.


PIRNAR d. o. o. is an exceptionally innovative European manufacturer of widely admired and uncompromisingly high-quality aluminium and wooden front doors. A fast growing family owned business, Pirnar employs around 200 people and has a sales network that extends across several continents. Each year we present more innovations than our major European competitors introduce over several years.

We are the first manufacturer in the world to have developed a door featuring an automated pull-out and pull-in handle, the most insulated serial door entry in the world, a 3D door, new types of customised illumination for the door entry, a hidden fingerprint reader, drop handles with an opening mechanism, an entirely flat door entry, serially produced 3000 mm high and 1300 mm wide doors, and a number of other innovations. Our innovations have won awards on a regular basis.

We appreciate beauty, ambition, innovation and uniqueness above all. We believe that nothing is impossible.

It is our vision to become the most admired manufacturer of aluminium and wooden doors and windows in the world.

Front door catalogues

To see all current models of front doors please use the links below:

The personal touch and your own account manager

To ensure flawless cooperation, you will be assigned your own account manager, who will be available to provide all technical and sales information. It is our goal to provide complete satisfaction and to evoke the utmost appreciation among your clients.

Files for your plans

If you need any files to draw plans, either for serial doors or for doors based on special demands, or any assistance in designing customised solutions, please write to us or give us a call at +386 1 777 39 43. Our experts will help you find the most favourable solution and send you corresponding plans.

Release your creativity!

E-mail us at
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If you have demanding clients seeking unique solutions and the best that is available on the market, please let us know about your requirements:

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