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What we need to know in advance

An entrance is a personal part of a house. It is a story about the owner. Whether or not we are aware of it, a visitor may judge us based on the entrance. Therefore, it is worth considering the first impression we want to create.

What should be considered before choosing an entrance?

Before going to the entrance showroom, it is good to know what you want. Selection will be faster and easier if you think it over at home. Allow us to suggest some ideas:

Modern, homely or traditional style?

That not only depends on taste but also on the appearance of the house. An ornamental classical door with a framed glasswork would certainly look better at an older house with stone details than at a modern one. If you cannot decide, which style would best emphasise the beauty of your house, take a photo of the house from the entrance side and bring it to the showroom.

Aluminium, wood, or both?

Are you fine with uncompromisingly strong and solid aluminium? Do you prefer to touch the warm refinement of wood? What about a combination of both? When it comes to Pirnar entrances, anything is possible.

A door with or without a window?

A door window is an element that not only brightens an entrance hall with daylight but it is also an amazing and valuable design element for the door. Some people prefer the impression of firmness, safety and enduring power of a door without a window. What do you prefer?

An entrance with or without illumination?

It does not matter if a door comes with a window or not, the space behind the door can be brightly illuminated with lighting on the left and right side of the door. In this way, if we have enough space, we will create an impression of a larger and more magnificent entrance.

What colour should an entrance be?

An entrance is the emphasis of a house. It is something a visitor looks for and tries to find as quickly as possible. So it is not wise to hide the entrance with a colour similar to the wall around it. It is better to make it stand out with darker colour tones for a facade in light colours, and with light colours for a facade in darker colours. You can select a colour that is already used for a house, but in a hue that is more intensive. If the colours of a house are more neutral and monotone, a more vivid and brighter tone for the door would work well. In this case, it is also good to bring in a photograph of the house from the entrance side – it will be easier to choose.

How important is door insulation?

If you own a passive house, it is clear you will choose the best-insulated door on the market. If this is not a case, it is also good consider whether it is better to save money on the purchase there and then or invest for the future, for example, by saving on heating costs? Thicker insulation not only leads to  savings on heating, but also creates a pleasanter environment with fewer colds.

How important is an anti-burglary door device?

You can keep burglars away in various ways. If you live in an area where burglary is common, each additional anti-burglary item or a better lock makes it likely that a potential burglar would rather look for a weaker victim – another door that is easier to break into.

Do you want to be visible or discreet?

It is good to know if you want to astound your visitors and amaze them with your uniqueness, or just let them build up the admiration slowly. In the first case, you would look for a design and technical characteristics for an entrance that will grab the attention with its innovation (the Ultimum® line). In the second case, you will look for an entrance with soothing shapes and without too much emphasis, different materials or colours.

Choose the right Pirnar

After you have considered these questions, come and see the entrances for yourself in a showroom. Only then can picture the appearance of the entrance in your home.

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