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Innovations and awards

What do the doors of future look like? Can front doors be revolutionary in any way? This is what drives our activities at Pirnar.

At Pirnar, we developed the first door to feature a multilevel-design. We were the first to design an entirely flat entrance, with all its elements appearing at the same level. We were the first to serial manufacture aluminium entrances of exceptional dimensions, up to 300 cm high and 130 cm wide. We were the first to impress the market with the previously unattainable thermal conductivity quotient for aluminium doors of 0.54 W/m2K.

The latest innovation: Pirnar OneTouch

Pirnar OneTouch is the first and only entrance in the world to feature an automated pull-out and pull-in handle. As the hidden fingerprint reader recognises the owner, a handle pulls out neatly and automatically, and illuminates the surroundings, while the door unlocks itself. Seconds after being closed, the door turns into a smooth surface without a handle once again, making it impossible for uninvited guests to manipulate the entry in any way. This is why it is referred to as “the most personal entrance in the world”.

German Design Award Winner 2017

Pirnar OneTouch was the winner of the prestigious German Design Award 2017. It is awarded by the German Design Council, a major global expert design centre for the past 60 years. The award is presented exclusively for exceptional and pioneering achievements in design from around the world. Pirnar entrances have also received two other awards presented by the same institution, the German Design Award Special Mention for years 2017 and 2015, and several other prizes.

GDA 2017 Winner GDA 2017 Special mention GDA 2015 Special mention DOS A+Award DOS

What do the latest models of Pirnar entrances look like?

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