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Are you fascinated by the world of architecture and design?

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A new beginning
in the world of luxury!

Write your own success story and enter the world of luxury brands. We cannot wait to have you on board in the attractive profession of achitecture and sophisticated design. Stand out from the crowd with a job in marketing a unique and recognisable premium brand that outshines all competitors with its elegant presence, no matter where it appears. Find out how you can take a step on a new business path with Pirnar entrances.
Amazingly, audaciously, adamantly.

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About Pirnar

Pirnar is a fast-growing, highly successful family business. Pirnar is Europe's innovation leader in the field of home entrances. It is a fast-growing family business with more than 250 employees and a highly developed franchise network on several continents, from franchices in Dubai, Los Angeles, London and Seoul, to many more across the European Union.



growth in franchise
sales in 2020.

satisfied customers


satisfied customers
in the UK.



international awards.


By downloading the brochure, I agree that the company Pirnar d.o.o. uses my personal data for the purpose of marketing services, which may also include customized recommendations through several communication channels. Personal marketing can be done through automatic processing and can also include profiling, taking into account your past habits. The purpose of adapting the content and offer is to bring them as close as possible to your interests and thus increase their useful value for you. I am aware that I can revoke my consent at any time in the same fashion as I gave it or in writing to the address Pirnar d.o.o., Bravničarjeva 20, 1000 Ljubljana. More

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Pirnar doors

An extraordinary opportunity.
Low risk, high rewards!

The Pirnar franchise is designed for those who want to succeed by selling one of the best products on the world market.
This is an opportunity for the ambitious.

Find out what it's like to manage a Pirnar franchise?

"Join the PIRNAR franchise family and expect unmatched support, commitment and opportunity to grow your business."

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What does a partnership with PIRNAR offer?

business model

A simple business model that makes it extremely easy to start a new business with high earning potential, even with small sales volumes.

Fast return of
initial investment

Extremely fast return on the initial investment. We agree on the way of financing the initial investment individualy, according to your possibilities and preferences.

Full marketing

Pirnar takes care of the marketing for you. Pirnar handles local digital advertising for you to gain the contacts of interested end users.

Become a part of our success!

Success is just a click away, download our unique brochure

Start your luxury franchise future now!

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