Roman Pirnar

Roman Pirnar

Innovator. Craftsman. Entrepreneur. Manager.

Roman Pirnar is life force personified, driven by the singular pursuit of beauty, perfection, and functional aesthetics. Both a realist and a dreamer, Pirnar knows that global success is the product of ambitious dreams, indomitable spirit, and unrelenting hard work. Only with such an uncompromising philosophy and decades of hard work can you dare to create a product that functions both as a door and a work of art.

Roman Pirnar

We're not here just to make good doors but pure masterpieces. We want to push the envelope. That's been our goal for over 50 years now. The door is the first impression someone gets of a house and its owner, so it simply has to be awe-inspiring, a simply perfect technical and aesthetic treasure.

Roman Pirnar

Humble Beginnings and Huge Dreams

What began in 1968 as a humble family workshop has become a story of global success for now the third generation of Pirnars, whose tremendous door solutions have inspired homeowners across the globe. Roman took over the reins from his father’s business in 1992, steering it towards metalworking. In the process, Roman himself evolved from craftsman to entrepreneur, innovator, and manager.

Family workshop

Door Production is Launched

In 2003, Roman ramped up production to include door manufacture, launching the now legendary story of the company’s growth and in-house development. Their small, family-run workshop transformed in just a few decades into a global power for entry doors, employing more than 350 people and developing a partner network spanning 30 markets worldwide.

Door Production

An Inspiring
Global Entrance Innovator

Roman’s long-term vision led the company’s evolution into a global inspiration for entrance solutions, acquiring many prestigious international awards for design and technological innovation along the way. He is constantly pushing the envelope, daringly, wonderfully, and uncompromisingly. And that’s what the VersusBronze line is, too: an entrance you just simply fall in love with.

International awards

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