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Bioclimatic Pergolas for All Seasons!

Elegant & minimalist design of Pirnar pergolas, the maximum number of accessories for outstanding living comfort, everything is tailored & optimised to your wishes.


Choose your pergola

Pirnar Pergola

You Deserve Your Own Space Under the Sun.

Recommended choice:
  • Summer terrace

    Recommended choice: Summer terrace next to the house

  • Winter garden

    Recommended choice: Winter garden

  • Poolside area

    Recommended choice: Poolside area

Grande version

Double the Size of Your Home

Recommended choice:
  • Extended terrace, living room or dining room of up to 50 m2 without pillars
  • Large area with fewer pillars (as an extension in hotels and restaurants)
  • Large outdoor multipurpose area

Static version

Create Your Perfect Shade

Recommended choice:
  • Carport
  • Functional addition to the side of your house
  • Extension for hotels, dining rooms, recreation areas

Discover New Dimensions of Your Home

Nowhere else will you find such a perfectly designed, solid, durable and comfortable pergola.

  • Construction#1
    • Withstands severe gusts of wind and up to 550 kg of snow per m2
    • No visible fixing points or additional mounting requirements
    • Extremely solid internal cross construction of pillars
    • Huge area without pillars up to 50 m2
  • Watertightness#2
    • Perfect watertightness of the entire pergola
    • Effective water sealing
    • Extremely wide gutters to prevent water overflow
  • Louvers#3
    • Invisible motors, hidden inside one of the louvers
    • Noiseless operation
    • Protection against external influences and greater durability

Accessories for Absolute Enjoyment in all Seasons

You can choose from the most modern accessories for outdoor comfort like you've never seen before.

Dodatna oprema

  • Motorised ZIP screen

    Motorised ZIP screen

  • Sliding Shutters

    Sliding Shutters

  • LED Lights

    LED Lights

  • Large Selection of Colours

    Large Selection of Colours

  • Swivelling and Electrically Adjustable Louvers

    Swivelling and Electrically Adjustable Louvers

  • Full Automation

    Full Automation

Perfect your outdoor living with Pirnar

In terms of design and technological innovation, everything we create at Pirnar is a masterpiece. Same goes for our pergolas. Entrance door protects the intimacy of your home while pergola opens up new dimensions of your garden. Under the Pirnar pergolas, you will experience the most fullfilling meals, the best parties and the greatest relaxation.
Trust a company with a long tradition of innovation and uncompromising solutions in the field of enjoyable living.

  • World's leading manufacturer of entrance doors
  • More than 50 years of family tradition
  • Internationally awarded design and patented innovations
  • Partner network on 30 markets worldwide

Let us inspire you!

Pirnar pergole

London Showroom

Unit 1, The Wireless Factory
Fleming Way, Isleworth
London, TW7 6DB
T: 015 8224 9697

Opening time:
by appointment
Sunday closed

Luton Showroom

Unit 10 North Luton Industrial Estate
Sedgwick Road
Luton, LU4 9DT
T: 015 8224 9697

Opening time:
by appointment
Sunday closed

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Pergola Catalogue

Download the PIRNAR pergola catalogue. Discover new dimensions of your home with bioclimatic pergolas and enjoy the outdoors all year round.