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Today PIRNAR is a leading European innovator in the field of door entrances, which are among the most admired and uncompromisingly manufactured entrances in the world.

General info

PIRNAR d.o.o. is the most innovative European manufacturer of aluminium front doors. We are a fast growing family company with almost 200 employees and a highly developed sales network across Europe. Each year we present as many innovations as our major European competitors introduce over several years. In recent years we have managed to design the best insulated aluminium door in the world and to introduce a number of technical and design innovations into serial production, for which we have consistently received awards. PIRNAR entrances are among the most admired and uncompromisingly manufactured entrances in Europe.


Main activities

Operating at two locations in two countries, PIRNAR combines all the activities required to achieve success: top technical development, award-winning industrial design, skilful machine and manual processing of materials, a systematic approach to production, successful marketing and sales, and reliable transport. We were the first to develop best-insulated serial door entry in the world, a 3D door, new types of customised illumination for the door entry, a hidden fingerprint reader, drop handles with an opening mechanism, an entirely flat door entry, and new special surface processing.

Our products and services

Pirnar d.o.o. develops and manufactures innovative house entrances. For more information about our products visit the Models, where you can also find the latest versions of our catalogues.

In recent years, Pirnar entrances have constantly received awards. Besides the Slovenian awards Top ten and Furniture product 2014 we have received the prestigious title of worldwide renown, the German Design Award Special Mention 2015, and subsequently also the more prestigious German Design Award Winner 2017.

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