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The most awarded masterpieces from Pirnar

Pirnar is a brand with an impressive list of the most prestigious international awards. The latest is a respectable German Innovation Award Winner 2022 for the advanced CarbonCore construction.


Take a look at Pirnar's award-winning innovations

Sighs of admiration, the desire for perfection and constant improvement, wonderful elegance. All this comes together in Pirnar's innovations, which set trends in the industry. We regularly receive the most prestigious international awards for design and technological innovation. Every award is an additional incentive for us to become even better and more successful.

CarbonCore awarded innovation in 2022

CarbonCore is a hybrid construction made of carbon fibres and aluminium which represents the core of Pirnar’s front doors. It is the only patented and the strongest construction in the world, developed exclusively for the front doors. CarbonCore has fired our imagination to let our imagination run wild and explore new possibilities in design and technology. CarbonCore presents a future of Pirnar’s amazing entrances for which we received a prestigious international German Innovation Award Winner.

German Design Award 2022

Pirnar's Carboncore awarded innovation

OneTouch top innovation

Pirnar OneTouch is the world's first and only entrance with an automatic retractable handle. When the hidden fingerprint scanner recognises the owner, a pull front door handle pops out elegantly and automatically, illuminating the surrounding area and the door unlocks. A few seconds after closing, the door automatically transforms back into a flush surface without the pull handle. The OneTouch handle was awarded the prestigious international German Design Award, and the OneTouch front door received the German Design Award Special Mention and is an Architizer A + Finalist.

German Design Award 2017

OneTouch one of top Pirnar's innovations

Ultimum Pure minimalist elegance

Ultimum Pure is a line of prestigious entrances characterised by the refinement of their surfaces. These are the entrances for the most modern homes and the most demanding lovers of perfection. All door elements are immersed in a single plane, without unnecessary edges and frames. The Pure line was awarded the German Design Award Special Mention and is an Architizer A + Finalist.

German Design Award A+ Awards

Prestigious entrance

MagmaLux aesthetic sophistication

MagmaLux handles in the centre of the steel or aluminium surface are decorated with a luminous pattern of beautiful shapes that blend gently into the metal surface. The door decor with light engraving gives the handle and thus the entire front door a playful and dynamic look. MagmaLux is the recipient of the prestigious German Design Award Special Mention.

German Design Award 2019

The handle with luminous pattern

CrystaLux luxury pull handle

CrystaLux pull handles are adorned with crystal glass details that glow faintly in the dark, adding a touch of prestige to your door. In collaboration with Steklarna Rogaška, we have designed a beautiful handcrafted pattern of glass that is simply stunning while creating a luxurious and elegant entrance to your home. CrystaLux was awarded the prestigious German Design Award Special Mention.

German Design Award 2019

A beautiful handcrafted pattern of glass

Light personalisation LabeLux

LabeLux handles allow personalisation by inscribing any inscription in a light pattern – your surname, perhaps a word or a thought that means a lot to you. LabeLux is a unique invitation into the intimacy and safe haven of your home, adding a touch of elegance, playfulness and intelligence to the door. LabeLux is the recipient of the prestigious German Design Award Special Mention.

German Design Award 2019

LabeLux handle

The magnificent Theatrica

Theatrica is the world's first solid, touchless and fully automatic house entrance suitable for passive and low-energy houses. It is an entrance wall that magically opens and closes for the owner. With just a glance. It is one of the most personal and unique things you will have ever experienced in front of a home entrance. Theatrica was awarded the prestigious international German Design Award.

German Innovation Award 2019 RedDot Design Award 2019

Theatrica fully automatic house entrance


Innovations for the comfort of modern living

Despite our rich heritage, we are always driven by the future. Through constant evolution, we create timeless entrances for the comfort of modern living that are admired around the world. We were the first to develop an innovative OneTouch smart home solution. We were the first to design entrance doors with perfectly coordinated lines in different finishes. And we are the only ones who can boast the highest value of watertightness in a front door of 600 Pa.

    CarbonCore innovation
    CarbonCore – The strongest carbon fibre construction for entrance doors in the world

    The heart of every high-end entrance door is its construction. CarbonCore is the only patented carbon construction in the world made exclusively for front doors. The carbon fibre is extremely light, rigid and many times stronger than steel, so the door will not bend in the scorching sun or the coldest winter. It represents the top core on which all new Pirnar entrance doors are based.

    OneTouch innovation
    OneTouch – Automatic retractable pull handle with fingerprint scanner

    The OneTouch innovation is a patented system of operation in the door handle mechanism, which opens and closes automatically by using a fingerprint scanner. In this way, the handle prevents any tampering with the door and thus increases the security of your entrance.

    Nero Edition award
    Nero Edition – Sophisticated accessories in elegant, timeless black

    Nero Edition is a collection of sophisticated accessories for entrance doors in timeless black. The door pulls, handles, reflective trims and locks have been further refined by our skilled craftsmen, adding a touch of timelessness in black. A wonderful example is Pirnar's unique innovation – the famous LabeLux door handle, which requires exceptional precision due to the complexity of the product in the black version.

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