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Amazing, audacious, adamant are the ideals upon which we build everything we at Pirnar believe in. Our ultimate goal is always admiration in the eyes of our customers and the assurance that their home is adorned with the most beautiful entrance in the world.


Excellence in everything we do

We build our products, services and relationships with customers and partners on excellence. We put the people who enter the world of Pirnar at the centre of everything we do. We strive for excellence at every moment: excellence in the final look of the front door, excellence in every word, every click and every movement that is intended for our customers and partners.


There are few things in life that take our breath away, evoke admiration and leave a lasting impression. Creating beauty has been opening the doors to inspiration to renowned artists, designers, architects and us for millennia. It is with love and passion for beauty that we design the most beautiful entrances in the world.

Pirnar - front door manufacturer  - stands for the elegant luxury of refined forms. Designed for the most beautiful homes and owners with pride. The timeless design gives the home an astonishing feeling of beauty and warmth. In the search for perfection, we never follow. We lead.

Beautiful front doors

LED lighting

For us, the Pirnar entrance is like a beautiful engagement ring or an elegant watch that evokes strong emotions in a person and fulfils the promise of something eternal and everlasting. For us, the superior functionality of the product is just the foundation on which we build a story of innovation, beauty and admiration.

Deputy Managing Director

Anže Pirnar


In the beginning, there is inspiration and passion. The desire for perfection. Even before we draw the first line in pencil and touch the material to work with. Even before we see, shape and polish. Reason merges with vision and nothing can stop the cogs of the creative process.

We do not believe in the impossible. We develop what does not yet exist. Audaciously. We create works of art from raw materials and with our own hands. We are driven by an inner force to test the limits of the possible.

Creating art


Every Pirnar entrance is a unique masterpiece made from the best materials without compromise and with the utmost precision. Excellence is not just in the outward appearance, but in every screw, every lever, every glass, every weld, every movement and every word. We have a single goal – to inspire. Once set, there are no detours in the face of obstacles. We persevere until a solution emerges and finds its way into the world – first onto the desks of designers, engineers and master craftsmen with miracle hands. And then to you. And the impossible becomes possible.

Unique masterpieces

About the winged horse

The winged horse is a symbol of the way of thinking that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Pirnar family.

The story of the winged horse

The tradition of handcraftsmanship

Our basic standard is admiration and all roads there lead through the Pirnar handcraftsmanship tradition. That is the way it has always been.

Sharp eye

Unsurpassed precision, exceptional aptitude for design and attention to every single detail are what set Pirnar apart.

With our master craftsmen's talent for delicate, precise workmanship, we fulfil Pirnar's vision of admirable entrances time and time again.

Exceptional precision

Manual skills

The design of Pirnar entrances begins simply with a line on paper. A concept is born. It gives meaning to the drawing hand, to the line and form, and the eyes that will behold it.

Then the master comes in. Whether big or small, every job is important so that in the end a masterpiece emerges. Specific skills, exceptional craftsmanship, ingenuity and ambition are the qualities that elevate each Pirnar creations to a unique level of design.

Excellent craftsmanship

We do not want to make good entrances, we want to make masterpieces. We want to push the boundaries of what is possible. That has been our vision since the beginning, 50 years ago. The entrance is the first impression of the house and the owner, so it has to be admirable, wonderful and an impeccably manufactured technological gem.


Roman Pirnar

Personal touch

Exceptional design, excellent materials and the best workmanship make every Pirnar entrance a work of art, worthy of being created and admired again and again. Just as the artist signs his works, we personalise every Pirnar entrance.

Exceptional design

Company history

The history of the company dates back to 1968 when the Pirnar family founded their craft workshop.



Despite our rich heritage, we are always driven by the future. By constantly developing technology and design innovations, we create timeless, luxury entrances that are admired around the world.

The birth of the idea

The owner of tomorrow's Pirnar entrance knows what he wants. For this reason, innovation is in our DNA. Ideas must be bold and innovative, but at the same time fit our history. First, we carefully hone them into a finished concept.

Pirnar - innovation is in our DNA


The polished concept encapsulates the fundamental building blocks of our thinking from which all Pirnar innovations emerge and inspire customers around the world. Then the master comes in. Whether big or small, every job is important so that in the end a masterpiece emerges. Specific skill, exceptional craftsmanship, ingenuity and ambition are the qualities that elevate each Pirnar creation to a unique level of design.

Unique level of design

Without innovation, there is no real brand development. Fortunately, in Pirnar we have always been breathing with ideas that have not been realized yet.


Gašper Pirnar


Sighs of admiration, the desire for perfection and constant improvement, beautiful elegance. All this is combined in Pirnar's innovations, which set trends in the industry.

Pirnar trends

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