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Front door accessories

Exciting accessories to give your dream front door the perfect look


Stunning selection of unique accessories

It's all in the details and unique accessories make for an exceptional, unrepeatable and one-of-a-kind entrance door. At Pirnar, we place great emphasis on development because we want to offer you the safest and most comfortable living experience possible. Upgrade your entrance with fingerprint scanners and other state-of-the-art security mechanisms. You can also opt for special lighting or accessories such as side lighting and frosted glass or door handles with engraved lettering.

Magnificent dimensions above the standard

Size matters. In modern villas, houses with high ceilings and gems of modern architecture a standard size entrance door just wouldn't do. Selected Pirnar entrance doors can be made for you in the Grande design, which gives an impression of grandeur with its exceptional height and width. We make them with virtually no size restrictions, as hinged or revolving doors. They give the impression of luxurious elegance. The double-leaf design of the Grande door, together with the side lighting, multiplies the impression of grandeur even further.

Front door sizes & dimensions

Double-leaf door

Beautiful pull bars, rails and handles

Handles are the most personal part of an entrance. All Pirnar handles are handmade and unique as they are the result of our own development and production. You can choose between traditional round or square handle shapes, fully illuminated handles with LED lights in different patterns, decorated with crystals or personalised with your name. A series of black handles, the Nero Edition, is also available. To give your home a truly modern look, we recommend the world's first OneTouch handles, which discreetly retract and protract from the door leaf and illuminate their surroundings.

  • LabeLux
  • CrystaLux
  • MagmaLux
  • OneTouch
  • Nero Edition

Front door handles and knobs

Unique handles

Timeless accessories made of premium glass

We use glass to design sophisticated, modern entrances or classic, timeless front doors. You can choose from a range of beautiful single- or multi-coloured striped patterns on clear or Satinato glass. Rich stained glass adds a touch of classicism to your door, while elegant cover glass creates a modern home. You get more security and natural light into your house by choosing side lighting on one or both sides, or security glass.

  • Transparent
  • Satinato
  • Stained glass
  • Parsol
  • Cover glass
  • Security glass

Front doors with glass design

Glass design

Rich choice of colours and wood decors

At Pirnar, we offer a rich choice of smooth matte colours, metallic, fine-textured and wood decor colours for aluminium doors. Glazes and oil finishes are available for oak, spruce and larch exterior entrances. Door pull bars, rails and handles can also be selected in different colours and round off the look to create a unique whole. Colour will always express your story, personality and temperament. Choose it carefully and accentuate your home's entrance with sophisticated accessories.

  • Matte paints
  • Metallic and fine-textured paints
  • Wood decor
  • Glazes
  • Oils

Front door colours

Rich colour choice

Superior resistance systems

At Pirnar, we offer the most convenient and secure keyless locking systems. A lock or fingerprint scanner are the most commonly chosen accessories, but you can also connect the entrance to the SecuroSmart opening system, which can be controlled using the Pirnar mobile app. Advanced locks offer worry-free motorised keyless unlocking, automatic locking, customisable settings, maximum security and longer life. 

  • ARMO locks
  • OneTouch handle

Front door locks

Secure locking systems

Other unique accessories

Illuminated Pirnar entrances, enhanced with knockers, peepholes, beautifully designed house numbers and other small accessories, look like night-time magic. Knockers and peepholes are particularly popular with classical house entrances made of wood or aluminium. With the help of these beautiful details, the entrance of your house will shine in its warmth and cosiness. Your house will become attractive, safe and worthy of admiration.

  • Knockers
  • Peepholes
  • House numbers
  • Maintenance kit

Bring out your entrance with the little extras

Unique accessories


Take a look at Pirnar's multi-award-winning accessories

Accessories are a highlight of any entrance and at Pirnar we are proud of our internationally award-winning accessories that are the result of our own production and countless hours of precise handiwork. Take a look at them and choose your unique piece.

    OneTouch front door

    The Pirnar OneTouch is the first and only exterior door in the world with an automatic retractable handle. When the hidden fingerprint scanner recognises its owner, the handle pops out elegantly and automatically, illuminating its surroundings and the door is unlocked. A few seconds after closing, the door automatically transforms back into a smooth surface without a pull bar, preventing uninvited guests from tampering with the entrance.

    Big doors Grande

    Selected Pirnar doors are also produced in the larger-than-average Grande size, which gives the impression of grandeur with its exceptional height and width – practically without size restrictions, made possible with the versatility of aluminium. The largest entrance door to date was built in the United Arab Emirates – a magnificent 7.4 m high aluminium entrance adorns a villa in Dubai.

    Nero Edition in black

    The Nero Edition collection consists of sophisticated accessories for front doors in black, a colour that expresses confidence, maturity and authority while being dramatic, elegant and audacious. Bars, handles, protective trims and locks have been additionally refined by Pirnar's master craftsmen with a sophisticated application of black paint, giving them a touch of timelessness.

    LabelLux handle

    The beautiful LabeLux handle allows for personalisation as it features any inscription in a pattern of light – your family name, perhaps a word or thought that means a lot to you. LabeLux is a unique invitation into the intimacy and shelter of your home, breathing a touch of elegance, playfulness and intelligence to the door.

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