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History and tradition

The Pirnar family craft workshop was established in 1968. Today, PIRNAR is a leading European innovator in the field of door entrances.

The family used to be small. In 1968, there was only a small craft workshop where Roman Pirnar learned from his father until taking over the business in 1991.

Today we are a fast growing family company with almost 200 employees and a highly developed sales network across Europe. PIRNAR entrances are among the most admired and uncompromisingly manufactured entrances on the market.

The history of Pirnar is the history of innovation.

“Rather than quality entrances, we want to manufacture masterpieces,” says the company director Roman Pirnar. “We want to push the boundaries of what is possible. An entrance gives the first impression of the house and the owner, which is why we want it to be admirable, wonderful and an impeccably manufactured technological gem. In order to achieve this, we have invited the most daring and innovative people to form a team that excels at the global level.”

In recent years we have managed to design the best insulated aluminium door in the world, and to introduce a number of technical and design innovations into serial production, for which we have constantly received awards.

Our way of thinking captured in our emblem.

Our emblem is the symbol of our tradition and audacity. The horse is a symbol of untameable boldness and innovativeness. A symbol of creativity and inspiration. Wings enable it to fly up in the air. The shield is a symbol of long tradition and family. The inscription at the top is our motto, the inspiration and philosophy of the Pirnar family: Amazing. Audacious. Adamant.

What next?

There is nothing imprecise about our future – it is right here in front of us. It only has to be uncovered by removing the excess material of the present.

Vision of the future

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