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A cookie is a small file that installs on your device while you are visiting a certain website, and is recognised by the website that has issued it. The purpose of using cookies is to improve the website operation and the user experience in visiting websites.

Some of the cookies we use are temporary, whereas others remain stored on your device for a certain period of time even after you leave our website. Temporary cookies are used to count the visitors to our website, whereas stored cookies are used to store contact data for later visits to our website, which makes your login unnecessary the next time you visit. We also use stored cookies originating on other websites: YouTube cookies that enable you to see certain video contents on our website, advertising cookies, and Google Analytics cookies which we use to establish how you move around our website, which content you are interested in, and how long your visit to our website was. Based on this we can edit the website contents and modify it to the requirements of visitors.

The data collected through cookies is processed exclusively for statistical purposes, and only in a manner that prevents us from establishing your identity, and also for establishing server issues, editing the website, and notification about our products.

Most browsers automatically adopt the use of cookies. However, you can also reject these at any time. If you wish to reject cookies on your device, you can change the settings of the browser you are using. For additional information on rejecting cookies please visit the website

This website uses cookies to improve its performance.
These cookies do not affect your privacy. More ...