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Pirnar entrance doors

Awarded designs. Handcrafted masterpieces. World innovations.

ONETOUCH Collection

Entrance door collection

Awarded innovations for most
demanding customers.

The ONETOUCH collection represents a new generation of smart entrance doors. This incredible innovation, considered to be the most personal entrance in the world, has received multiple global design and innovation awards. The elegant, refined surface, with its automated retractable handle and hidden fingerprint reader, emanates the unique spirit of your modern home. More

 Entrance doors Pure collection

Entrance door collection

Beauty in its purest form,
where everything is one.

The simple solid, contemporary design of the PURE collection is embodied by the clean, aligned surface and an elegant dark shine. Your attention immediately goes to the gently illuminated aluminium handle, perfectly complementing both wooden and aluminium entrance door models. The PURE collection creates an impression of solemnity, reliability and modern elegance. More


Entrance door collection

Amazing 3D abundance,
that everbody notices.

The MULTILEVEL collection offers the perfect mix of eternal elegance and creativity of design. These breathtaking modern entrance doors are made for the most daring of homeowners. The multilevel design creates an artistic impression that transforms the entrance into a work of art worth admiring. The different combinations of colors and materials, arched glass, surface treatments, lighting and majestic handles, perfectly embody the ambition, prestige and creativity that represent you and your home. More

CLASSICO Collection

Entrance door collection

Beautiful tradition and
warm touch of the past.

Classic design in a modern form. The CLASSICO collection combines the traditional shapes and patterns, stained glass, charming frames and delicate ornaments with the modern techniques and details and all of the advantages of aluminium as a material. Serious, yet playful; solid, but elegant; Traditional and eternal entrance doors. More

PREMIUM Collection

Entrance door collection

Contemporary elegant or
charmingly romantic.

The PREMIUM collection offers superior entrance doors for the most demanding of homeowners. The most refined modern appearance, combined with the best materials and creative design solutions reflect your impeccable taste. The exquisite details, such as illuminated handles, illuminated crystal handles and parallel glass windows, give these doors the sense of uniqueness that perfectly reflects your own. More

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