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Regular care and maintenance ensure long-term satisfaction

To ensure a long service life, the front door must also be regularly cared for and maintained. After all, it is exposed to the elements, temperature fluctuations, industrial gases, dust and dirt on a daily basis. However, what this care involves, depends on the material of the front door. Wooden doors are maintained differently than aluminium doors, as are glass surfaces, hardware fittings, etc.


Care and Maintenance

  • Recommendations for the maintenance and care of aluminium entrance doors

    Aluminium front doors are low maintenance, but thorough cleaning of ALU surfaces is essential to maintain the decorative appearance of the surface and reduce the risk of corrosion. Thorough cleaning with mild, pH-neutral or alkaline cleaners twice a year is sufficient. Cleaning is quick and very easy, although it is essential to use a microfibre cloth so as not to damage the surface treatment. You can also use a range of cleaning and care products that you can order from an authorised dealer or the Pirnar company.

    Care of powder-coated aluminium surfaces

    The door frame and door leaf need to be cleaned at least once a year or several times if subjected to heavy environmental impact. Clean with cold water, add a little soap or a mild detergent and wash by hand with a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use harsh, abrasive, acidic or strongly alkaline cleaning agents and scourers that will damage the surfaces. Do not use cleaning agents with unknown compositions. Matte and textured coloured surfaces should not be polished.

    Cleaning should not be performed in direct sunlight or at a surface temperature above 25 degrees Celsius.

  • Recommendations for the maintenance and care of wooden entrance doors

    Wood is a natural and living material that must be properly protected and carefully treated, otherwise it incurs damage to the surface or colour. Despite the same type of wood, certain colour differences can occur on the surface. Even if the wood is treated with a glaze, this peculiarity sometimes cannot be eliminated. We have no influence on colour differences and resulting deviations from colour samples.

    Damage to the colour is also caused by external influences such as weather and construction. Seek advice from a professional on how to repair major damage. Minor damage such as scratches and small cracks can be repaired with a thin brush and water-soluble acrylic-based paint.

    Maintain wooden doors once or twice a year, with maintenance intervals depending on the colour tone of the door and place of external door installation.

    Restoration and maintenance of glazes

    Coat the door with a protective emulsion, which closes the micro-cracks in the coating and forms a new protective layer. A simple surface touch-up will help to prolong the life span of the coating. It is important to repair the damaged area immediately, otherwise there is a risk of water penetrating the wood, which will freeze in winter and cause the coating to peel off. Damage that is repaired later can be fixed but results in higher costs.

    Restoration and care of oiled surfaces

    We recommend that oiled surfaces are also cleaned and maintained once or twice a year. The surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth and re-oiled. The surface must be dry and dust-free before oiling. Oil the surface, wait 5 minutes for the oil to be absorbed and then wipe off the excess oil with a cloth in the direction of the tree rings.

  • Recommendations for the maintenance and care of glass surfaces

    To clean the glass, use commercially available glass cleaning agents and a soft cloth that will not cause scratches or damage. First remove stubborn stains with suitable solvents such as ethanol, acetone or benzine and then rinse with water. When cleaning with solvents, make sure that the edge seal of the insulating glass, the sealant or other organic parts, such as silicone joints, do not incur damage. Do not use strongly alkaline washing lyes or acids to clean the glass, especially cleaners based on hydrofluoric acid or hydrogen fluoride. When cleaning, we recommend circular movements from top to bottom and from inside to outside. This technique ensures that the cleaning agent foams and cleans the entire glass surface well.

  • Maintenance and care recommendations for stainless steel

    Stainless steel products do not require any special care, they just need to be cleaned regularly. Dust traces, soot and fingerprints are removed with a damp, soft cloth, and then wiped off with a dry cloth. For stubborn dirt such as concrete stains and plaster, you can use cleaning agents with added polish. For traces of surface rust caused by fine metal dust in the air (proximity to roads, macadam, unfinished buildings, construction sites, long-term non-maintenance ...), use a nylon cloth and water with added organic or mineral thinners. In the initial phase of surface rust, rubbing the area with a cloth in the sanding direction is sufficient. Cleaning should always be done in the same direction in which the product is sanded or finished (parallel to the structure).

  • Recommendations for maintenance and care of hardware and seals

    Lubricate the moving parts of the hardware with acid-free grease or oil at least twice a year. This increases the life of the hardware and facilitates the functioning of the handle and cylinder insert. Also lubricate the door hinges, which are easiest to lubricate with oil spray. Use a lubricating oil (e.g. RIVOLTA TRS) to lubricate the cylinder liner. Regularly check the correct position, fastening and wear of the hardware.

    To maintain functionality, clean the seals at least once a year with commercially available mild cleaning agents. Cleaning with silicone sprays is also suitable, which increases the tightness and service life of the seals.

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