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How to properly take care of entrance doors with glass elements?

Entrance doors with glass elements require tender cleaning and an occasional inspection. Continue reading and learn what to watch for.

Maintaining your entry doors with glass | PIRNAR

Cleaning of glass elements

Front doors with glass elements (sidelights and transom windows) should be cleaned with a household glass cleaner and wiped down with a soft, lint-free cloth. Some people swear by cleaning with coffee filters. However, paper could damage and scratch the glass elements. It’s best to use microfibre cloths designed specifically for windows that will perfectly clean your the glass and won’t lint or leave marks.

Cleaning the door leaf

Every entrance door requires correct cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance should be adjusted according to the material that the door is produced from. Wood and aluminium doors can be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth and mild washing up liquid and water mixture. Never use abrasive brushes or sponges that could damage the door or scratch the paint or lacquer. Do not excessively wet the door. Clean them with a minimal amount of water and wipe them down immediately. That’s why you should avoid washing your door with a hose or pressure washer since it could lead to mechanical damage to the door surface, not to mention possible water damage. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid an indoor flood.

Beside regular cleaning, periodically wipe down the spots and smears that could permanently stain the door. In case of more stubborn stains, you can use special detergents. However, before using any special detergents, consult our experts or carefully read the detergent instruction manual. Always test the detergent on a small and less exposed part of the entrance door to check if it’s safe for use and doesn’t cause discolouration.

Examining an entrance door

During cleaning, always thoroughly examine your front doors. Any possible irregularities or injuries can easily be fixed if discovered at an early stage. Look for the following:

Cracks in glass elements and door leaf

Aluminium doors won’t crack, however, on wood doors, the occasional crack could form. On the other hand, glass, including high quality reinforced or laminated type, isn’t indestructible, even though it’s highly resistant to injuries. If you happen to discover any irregularities, immediately schedule the replacement of the glass element.

Faded, cracked or peeling paint

You can fix any scratches and paint cracks by yourself by applying a fresh coat of paint. However, in case of major damage, it’s advised to contact an expert. Read on how to repair the damage in the article titled Preparing your entrance door for winter.

Moisture or mist between glass panels

In general, double or multiple glazing isn’t likely to cause issues. If you notice water droplets or mist between the glass layers, this could mean that the seal has been compromised. Contact a professional to help you eliminate the problem.

Moisture on wood elements

Find the source of moisture and eliminate it. Generally, wood doors will revert to their original shape when they get a chance to dry up. In case or more meaningful damage, contact a professional.

Damaged seals

Consult the door manufacturer about seal replacement.

Glass repairs

Alongside tempered glass, the family of toughened safety glass also includes glass bricks and laminated glass. The latter made from two or more different layers of glass of varied thicknesses that are glued together. The role of the glue is to bind together any possible pieces in case the glass breaks. This is unlike tempered glass where glass, after breaking, will usually shatter into a thousand pieces, meaning that the glass will no longer serve its protective function. However, in case of major glass damage, it makes sense to protect the injuries on both sides with masking tape while you immediately procure a new glass element.

You’ll be able to enjoy the aesthetics of your Pirnar entrance door with glass elements for a long time since maintenance is hassle-free while the door, thanks to stringent production standards, will retain its original condition for decades. Regardless, you should treat your door to an occasional delicate cleaning. It’ll also give you a good excuse to soak up its beauty from up close. If your door happens to suffer damage, call us and we’ll offer you all the assistance you might need.

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