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Fingerprint door locks – how it works and how to use it

Fingerprint readers will simplify your life and make locking your entrance door more secure. At Pirnar, we use fingerprint locking to create works of art.

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An unlocked door might be practical, though it’s hardly safe. On the other hand, the traditional key and lock offer security, though aren’t very practical. Doors with fingerprint locking systems are the perfect combination of security and ease of use. Thanks to this state-of-the-art piece of technology, fingerprints are excellent when it comes to identification, since they’re unique and remain unchanged throughout a person’s life. A fingerprint is one key you cannot lose or misplace, unlike a traditional key. If fingerprint locking can unlock your smart phone - why not integrate it into your home?

Fingerprint readers


Optical fingerprint readers are one of the most well-established fingerprint scanning methods. They work similarly to smart phone cameras by creating an image of the fingerprint while the algorithms recognize the unique ridges and skin patterns. However, just like smart phone cameras, these sensors have a limited resolution. This means that they can only be useful if they’re sensitive enough to recognize every detail of your finger. This type of sensor also requires a light source in order to be capable of capturing a fingerprint image of sufficient quality.

The disadvantage of optical sensors is the fact that they’re pretty easy to trick since they’re only capable of capturing a two-dimensional image. Sometimes, all it takes is showing the sensor a fingerprint photo or cast. When it comes to front doors, that’s simply unacceptable.


Capacitive fingerprint readers are often integrated into locking systems since they offer an increased level of security. Their main component is a capacitor. The capacitor stores a small amount of electrical current where the finger touches the surface while between the fingerprint ridges, there is no contact so no data is generated. These voltage fluctuations are recorded in a digital form and permit comparison. This type of sensor can memorize several fingerprints and identify minuscule details in a single scan, resulting in improved image recognition.

Capacitive sensors are almost impossible to fool since not even fingerprint casts will make an identical electrical signature on the capacitor compared to the original.


Modern fingerprint scanning technology uses ultrasound sensors. It consists of an ultrasound transmitter and a receiver. The ultrasound signal is either absorbed or instead bounces of the ridges of the fingerprint similarly to a nautical sonar. The pressure sensitive sensor receives the reflected signal, then creates a 3D fingerprint model. This technology is extremely reliable, though perhaps not the quickest fingerprint recognition method.

Magnetic locking

When the reader recognizes the fingerprint, the magnetic lock is energized, creating or interrupting the magnetic flux that either locks or unlocks the door. Magnetic locks are extremely safe as they are capable of generating powerful electromagnetic fields that hold the door in place with the power of 250kg and up to 1000kg. So powerful that it can’t be manipulated by any burglar! On the other hand, doors with magnetic locks are designed in such a way that they remain locked in case of a power failure while at the same time allowing you to exit the building in case of danger.

Use tips

Once you lay your finger on the reader for the first time, the fingerprint image will be recorded. Repeat the process every time you want to give a person access to your home or apartment. If the fingerprint is recognized by the locking system, the door will open. Otherwise, the uninvited guest will not be granted entry. To prevent misuse, certain readers will also measure the heart rate and body heat, making them even more reliable.

Rarely, a reader will not immediately recognize your fingerprint. If this happens, try the following:

  • Keep your finger pressed to the reader a bit longer.
  • If you’ve used hand cream, wipe down and dry your hands.
  • Finger injuries can impede fingerprint recognition, so record the fingerprints of several fingers on both hands.

The most personalized entrance door in the world

Thanks to the OneTouch system, Pirnar Ultimum Pure is the most personalized door in the world. OneTouch is a system that recognizes the owner via the fingerprint reader, then automatically extends the pull handle that illuminates the surroundings while at the same time unlocking the door. After a few moments, the pull handle elegantly retracts and the door becomes locked. The unique spring mechanism that operates independently from the power source will help make automatic closing perfectly secure. After they’re closed, the OneTouch system once again becomes a uniform surface that completely prevents any manipulation with the door. Your home will be safe and appear like an impenetrable fortress. Thanks to its appearance, a fingerprint door blends perfectly both into private homes as well as office buildings.

We invite you to visit our showroom and try out the fingerprint reader systems and the most elegant door on the market in person. We promise you’ll love it!

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