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Hardwood front doors

An external hardwood door has everything a top-class exterior door must have: excellent thermal efficiency, stability, longevity and security. In terms of looks, you can go in any direction you want – from colourful modern glazed variants to classical unglazed natural colour models. Explore our external oak doors in our configurator to find a perfect solution for your home.


What is hardwood?

Hardwood comes from deciduous trees. They usually carry leaves instead of needles. Those tree species´ wood has a great range of qualities that make them perfect for building hardwood front doors. Two of the defining characteristics are high solidity and density. Despite these qualities, hardwood is easy to work with, and we are able to create stylish hardwood doors. Popular wood species for external doors are:

  • Common Oak
  • English Oak
  • Sipo

Traditional hardwood door

Top-class designs for your choosing

The highest material quality goes hand in hand with world-class designs at Creating robust, durable doors which also satisfy your wishes in terms of look and feel comes naturally to us. As prized designers, we offer you various styles and possibilities to achieve your ideal door. Our external doors configurator allows you to realise your dream hardwood door in every aspect.

Hardwood front doors in various designs

Hardwood veneer can be added to elements like glass panels for transom windows or sidelights, and are excellent options to create a unique bespoke wooden front door. Glazed components add an airy look full of natural light in your entrance area. Like door frames, the side and top element frames can be made of hardwood veneer to match the door´s design. It’s all up to you – create an exclusive look by combining glazed, unglazed wooden and aluminium components to stand out from the crowd.

Designs of wooden doors for your house

One size fits all?

Uniquely styled hardwood front doors come in different shapes, colours and – very important – sizes. As there are no standard door sizes, you can freely choose the size of your external door. As experts with years of experience building various doors, we can find the perfect solution for your home. Whether you are looking for a bi-fold, single-leaf door or a pompous double-leaf, modern style, unglazed external door, we are the right address. Click through our configurator to choose from various styles and design proposals. Add to and shape the chosen design with handles, security elements, glazed, unglazed or other details to realise your new dream external door.

Uniquely styled hardwood entrances

Finish or no finish – you decide

Your exterior door represents not only your home but your personality as well. It’s also an extension of your way of living. That’s why your new hardwood external door must be a perfect fit for your home. Thus, colour choice is an essential part of designing your hardwood front door.

If you’d like to add a splash of colour, you can choose to colour the door frame differently from the door leaf. The same goes for the frames of glazed side and top elements.

Hardwood green entry doors

Configure your front doors

At Pirnar, we use Common Oak front doors natural material to build high-quality hardwood front doors in various designs. Oak doors aren´t just solid and durable but impress with their thermal qualities. Wood is highly heat efficient due to its natural composition. Use our configurator at to create an external door that matches your expectations in all regards – from design to longevity and security.

Hardwood exterior door


High-quality hardwood front doors

Pirnar is your premium partner for exquisite looking, high-quality doors made of wood, aluminium or a combination of the two materials.

Peak performance in thermal efficiency
How can wooden doors achieve thermal insulation levels, unlike many other materials? Due to its natural composition, wood – especially hardwood like oak – is an inefficient heat conductor. This means warmth from inside your house can´t permeate the external hardwood door as easily as a door made of synthetic material, for example. The same principle comes to fruition the other way around: Cold air from outdoor can´t get inside. Using a Pirnar external hardwood door thus means you´ll enjoy ideal conditions inside your house, whether it is stifling hot or freezing cold outside.

Combining materials for durable doors
Doors made of hardwood have excellent material qualities, making them robust, durable and resistant to external factors like the weather or sun exposure. You can design your unique external door with aluminium elements to make them even more robust. This improves the door´s stability and durability while giving it a more modern look.

By combining hardwood and aluminium, you get the best of both worlds: outstanding thermal efficiency and low-maintenance longevity.

Metal elements like aluminium plating not only has an effect on the qualities but also the external door´s looks. You can use them to create a more modern atmosphere for your external hardwood door. The classic wooden design gains a contemporary, stylish design with the added metal elements.

Hardwood entrances are made of highest quality


hardwood exterior doors

An external door must be secure, long-lasting, and a perfect fit for your home design. With Pirnar, you get all three of those key characteristics with whichever door you choose to create. Explore the configurator on to design your dream hardwood external door with or without a glazed transom window, glass-timber side panels and high-security measures like a fingerprint sensor and security camera.

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