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Why should you choose doors for your house made from natural materials?

What combines tradition with the possibilities of modern design if not doors made of wood and at the same time offer incredible construction characteristics.

Choosing traditional and natural elements for the doors| PIRNAR

A front door is the central element of the house. It attracts attention, invite visitors and simultaneously delimits the intimate interior from the outside. It’s the first thing we touch when we return home and the last one when leaving. That is why people continue to swear by wood as it gives an exclusive feeling of both warmth and solidity. For centuries, wood has been part of our homes; and with modern techniques, we’re now able to shape it into endless new shapes, imagination our only limit.

The beauty of wooden doors

Wood is a natural resource that’s regaining popularity and returning to our homes thanks to its wondrous characteristics. The colours and texture of wood make entry doors particularly charming and unique. Wood is warm and pleasant to the touch. That’s why a wood entry door feels homely, while the natural wood patterns can make your imagination soar. Wood front doors have today become so much more than what they used to be. Wood makes possible the production of traditional wooden entrances; at the same time, wood is perfect for the most modern and complex design projects. Because wood is so versatile, it can be combined with aluminium and glass elements, resulting in an unlimited number of combinations that can be incorporated into a high quality and aesthetically pleasing product for your entrance.

Pirnar entry doors are made from three different wood types:


Spruce is the most common coniferous tree, its wood extremely bright, featuring distinct growth rings appearing as dark lines that give spruce its characteristic appearance. Wood stains and varnishes will help achieve an even brighter appearance in entry doors. However, when combined with aluminium elements, the colour scale becomes even broader.


Larch is sure to dazzle thanks to its dense structure and reddish colour. It’s usually coated using stains or oiled in order to achieve different shades. Larch blends perfectly into modern materials and gives entry doors a luxurious appearance.


Oak is a symbol of stability, durability and strength. It comes in a variety of shades from greys and whites to browns and is known to darken with time. We can take advantage of this characteristic when applying stains or oils to create shades reminiscent of exotic wood varieties.

Another wonderful property of wood is that no two pieces are the same. Its appearance, colour and texture are first influenced by the environment that the tree grew in, and later by the processing and finishing, where each piece of wood will react differently. So we can conclude that your wood front door will always be unique and entirely one-of-a-kind, regardless of the whether you decide for a traditional, rustic look, or a more modern, trendy entrance for your house.

Natural and healthy

Humankind has always had a strong connection with wood. This natural material was particularly appreciated in our territory, surrounded by majestic forests. In Slovenia, the advantage of using wood lies in the fact that the material can be sourced locally. This way, we’re able to reduce the carbon footprint of wood products. Wood is the only building material with a positive environmental performance. That’s why modern designers continue to use wood due to its versatility, sustainability and durability. If we want to follow the trends that dictate the use of natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, wood should be the only choice because, when it comes to modern and technologically advanced manufacturing, it can be processed using eco-friendly means with a minimal energy input.

A wood entry door connects us to nature and the environment. With its colour, texture and scent, wood front doors invite us to spend our time outdoors while at the same time creating a positive atmosphere and providing for quality living indoor.

Sturdy and secure

Wood is easy to maintain. Even ancient wood front doors can be sanded, and a fresh coat of pain or oil applied, renovating it completely. Rest assured that quality wooden doors with excellent construction characteristics will stay with you your entire life.


Whether made from spruce, larch or oak, our artisans will produce a tough and sturdy entry door. Wood has an excellent structural strength that surpasses even steel. Properly dimensioned wood building elements will even retain their load-bearing capacities in case of a fire, which is further proof or their strength. Put your trust in wood and exhibit your strength already at your doorstep.

Acoustic and thermal insulation

Your home is extremely valuable. Inside, it should be warm and cosy, and free from external noise. Wood has innate excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties that are further improved thanks to the outstanding workmanship of our artisans. As a result, life behind a wood entry door is a truly remarkable experience – it will be your sanctuary, concealed from the outside world.

Moisture regulation

Wood breathes. As do wooden doors. Wood doors protect from unwanted environmental impacts and noise, offer safety and privacy while at the same time maintaining the air quality in your home. Another advantageous characteristic of wood is the fact that it regulates air humidity. The more there are wooden surfaces, the more stable the relative humidity becomes. And it all starts with an entry door.


The tough and reliable multilayer entry door construction featuring a multi-point safety lock with solid hooks protects your home from unwanted visitors. All Pirnar entry doors are burglar-proof and classified under RC (formerly WK2), meaning that they will make your home completely safe. Once a Pirnar door is closed, you can be certain it will stay closed.

In times when we’re becoming more conscious about the environment, we want to take responsibility towards the environment in all aspects of our lives. This also applies when building and furnishing your home. Wood front doors are a step in the right direction. However, it brings so much more to the table. Wood is about environmental awareness, respect for tradition, trends in design as well as love for the family – because only the best is good enough. Wood is a warm and friendly material that helps us express ourselves to the fullest. It’s almost magical, combining centuries of wisdom and optimism for the future. Touch it and feel its story. When a visitor knock on your door, they’ll know the story of your life. What will it be?

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