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Glazed front doors

Glazed front doors allow sunlight to shine through your external door, which elegantly illuminates your entrance hall. Our glazed front doors give you the privacy and security you need while providing a luxurious and innovative highlight for your property.


Why choose a glazed front door?

External doors with glazed elements have many advantages over other exterior door types. They increase the appeal of your property while allowing a vast amount of natural light to enter your home. They also come with a wide variety of design options, making them an excellent fit for most houses. You can add as much or as little glazing to your external door as you want.

Unlike other materials such as wood, glass offers a plethora of different finishings that differ in transparency. There are various types, designs, and styles to choose from, making an external glazed front door one of the most versatile options for your house’s exterior.

Front doors with glazed elements

Security measures for glazed doors

External entrances with glazing have an unfounded bad reputation when it comes to security concerns. Unlike exterior doors made from hardwood or aluminium, glazed front doors have a lightness to them that is often interpreted as being easy to break into. At, we appreciate this lightness and take our customers’safety seriously. This is why we offer different security measures to meet your demanding expectations.

Making glass safe

Many homeowners are initially reserved towards glazed front doors because they believe that glass panels are not secure enough against manipulation. Our goal is to combine the refined surface of the glass with the security standards of other doors, such as oak entrance doors. With glazed doors, there is an abundance of security measures you can take to avoid any unauthorized enterings.

Besides tempered glass, we offer various safety options, such as laminated glass or elegant glass bricks. Laminated glass is made from different layers that are glued together, which prevents the glazing from shattering into a thousand pieces if it were to break. You may also choose whether double or even quadruple glazing meets your high standards.

Secure and safe glazed entry doors


One of the many great things about external glazed doors is their transparency. Light shines through the door, instantly suggesting that somebody is home. It is advised to keep light on at your property to scare off any burglars. It is up to you whether you want your exterior door lit from the inside or if you would prefer ambient lighting around your external door frame.

Motion detectors are another great way of keeping your glazed front door safe.

Transparency of glazed doors

Increase privacy to feel safe and secure

Many homeowners decide against external glazed front doors because they fear being too exposed and forfeit too much of their privacy. In our Pirnar configurator, you can choose between different glass finishings that secure your privacy at all times, such as patterned or metallic coloured glazing. Each comes with its own unique look and feel. Through our configurator, you can choose from the plethora of options, combine different glass finishings and create the door of your dreams.

Safety glass for secure home

Hidden handles: Contemporary design meets high security

One of the biggest vulnerabilities of external doors is the door handle. Burglars can manipulate many of them relatively easy and gain access to your property. We eliminated this flaw and created a door handle that can keep your home safe at all times. Our Ultimum Pure external doors are fitted with our award-winning OneTouch-handle.

A built-in fingerprint reader recognizes the homeowners and deploys the door handle from the door panel. Once the external entrance with its multi-point lock system is closed, the door handle automatically retracts back, leaving nothing but a smooth, sleek surface.

External doors with hidden handle


Designing an external door with glass inserts

Long gone are the days when glazed doors were limited to small elements of clear or ornament glass. Choosing our glass inserted external doors also means choosing an exclusive high-end product that will leave lasting impressions on your guests.

Different options of glazed elements for your front door
We offer different design variations to suit your prefered aesthetic. Among those are included:

  • Ornament
  • Etched
  • Frosted
  • Sandblasted
  • Stained

You are completely free to decide how many glazed elements you desire for your exterior door. While some of our customers prefer full-framed glazed doors, others may appreciate a few elegantly placed inserts on their external door leaf. This means that you can equip your external hardwood entrance with sophisticated glazed elements or add glazing to your aluminium door. This versatility allows the creation of ornate Cottage doors and modern, contemporary entrances.

Glass works especially well with warm wood decors like “Golden Oak” but leaves an equally luxurious finish on monochrome surfaces.

The shape is also completely customisable with organic shapes and geometric options being made possible by our talented artisans. Whatever your heart desires, turn your imagination into reality with the help of our configurator.

Glazed elements for the doors


A glazed front door
specifically tailored
to your wishes

Simple and timeless or etched and ornate – our glazed front doors meet any standard and combine luxurious design with functional and innovative technology. Your made-to-measure external entrance door will impress your guests and ensure safety and privacy for you and your family.

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